Life’s Too Short

My emotions have been all over the place this week.  It always seems to happen to me this time of year, as summer fades to fall and we approach September, a month of many anniversaries, a time filled with both memories and promise.

This time around the emotions are particularly strong.  Mike and I are now about five weeks away from welcoming our little boy into the world, and the fear and joy and anticipation are almost overwhelming.

On the flip side of that, there is sadness:  like so many of you we have come to know online and in “real life”, we have been stunned and saddened by a friend‘s unimaginable loss.  We have been reminded how quickly joy can turn to heartache, how plans and dreams can be crushed in an instant, and how we need to treasure every moment of this life and those we share it with.

My first husband once told me that he didn’t like to say “I love you.”  That if you said it too often, “it wouldn’t mean anything.”

In the ten years that have now passed since we parted, I’ve learned that he was just plain wrong.

In truth, you can’t possibly say it or show it enough.  Life is too short, and you never know if you’ll get the chance to take someone’s hand, to look into their eyes and tell them “I love you” again.

Say it.  Show it.  Mean it. Every chance you get.

And on Friday, think of Jennie and Mikey and their beautiful girls, and make some pie to share with the ones you love.

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3 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short

  1. It is so true. I think one of the greatest accomplishments of my life has been in convincing the man I married that saying ‘I love you’ ten or twelve or twenty times a day has an immense amount of value and goodness. He says it as much as I do now, which is a joyful thing.

  2. Whether it’s by phone, text or walking out the door, my husband and I always say, I love you, to one another. I can’t imagine myself not ever saying it. I tell my mom, my dad, my brother and my friends, I love you. How can those 3 little words ever lose meaning? Never.

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